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Services / Consultancy
Save time with our expertise!

Software development projects are very fragile. There are too many points to consider and it is essential not to make fundamental mistakes. These mistakes can cause delays in the project or even sometimes we see the whole project can be cancelled.

We give consultancy services for your software development projects with our expert team. Here are the main subjects:

  • Double checking the requirements of the project plan before the project start.
  • Deciding the software development methodology.
  • Deciding whether the software development team has enough technical knowledge for the chosen technologies.
  • Making recommendations for the development software (IDE, source control, etc).
  • Making recommendations for the infrastructures and 3rd party libraries to use.
  • Preparing a source controlled environment for the development team.
  • Making recommendations for the server software that will host the developed application.
  • Installing and configuring the chosen server software.
  • Preparing a virtual network for the development team so that they can work from outside the company.
  • Helping database design.
  • Controlling the committed codes for standards appliance.
  • Release management of the developed project.
  • Making recommendations for the testing of the project.
  • Deciding the critical points before production and giving technical expertise during the transition.

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