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Modernus, with a high-tech team of over 15 years of experience, is the right address for your company's enterprise software, software infrastructures, training, outsourcing, project management, remote administration and consultancy needs.


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Celebris is a state of the art solution to meet the specific needs of ground handling companies. It combines Flight Information Management, Service & Operations Management, Resource Planning, Contract Management, Invoice Management and Quality Management facilities in a single system. The fine architecture and design save on costs, offer unlimited flexibility and aid decision support.

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news dot image Modernus becomes Ready Partner with RedHat as a Solution Provider. September, 2020.
news dot image Celebris in production at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport! October, 2010.
news dot image Modernus becomes Ericsson authorized service provider (ASP) partner. May, 2007.
news dot image Modernus becomes Sybase solution provider. November, 2006.
news dot image Fastest serial-ads site in Turkey is live. June, 2006.
news dot image Celebris in production at Çelebi Ground Handling. April, 2005.
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