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A software framework is a reusable design for a software system (or subsystem). This is expressed as a set of abstract classes and the way their instances collaborate for a specific type of software (Johnson and Foote 1988; Deutsch 1989).

Software frameworks make use of well tested and proven Software Design Patterns which are general repeatable solutions to a commonly occurring problems in software design. A design pattern is not cannot be transformed directly into code. It is a description or template for how to solve a problem that may arise in different situations.

An Application framework refers to a set of libraries or classes that are used to implement the standard structure of an application. By bundling a large amount of reusable code into a framework, much time is saved for the developer.

Modernus Frameworks

Modernus frameworks consist of a serverside Enterprise Java framework and a client side application framework.

Modernus server side framework facilitates JAAS(Java Authentication Authorization Service) based authentication and authorization, middle tier object cache, middle tier query cache, persistency, business process flow automation, synchronous and asynchronous event notification services and internationalization.

Modernus client side framework facilitates a client cache, authorization on the basis of client objects, automatic master-detail data input and traversal, dependent dropdown controls, external data entry editors and flexible option domain handling.

These two frameworks simplify the design, development and maintenance processes.

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