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CELEBRIS Performance: The current Celebris installation at Celebi Ground Handling Inc. runs on Linux Operating System, JBoss application server and Oracle 9i database (open source MySQL with InnoDB engine is also tested and supported). Application server and operating system is open source, and an open source database is supported out of the box. It is possible to use any J2EE 1.4 compliant application server available on the market. It is also possible to use any database provided that it has a JDBC 3.0 certified driver. That way, first investment cost can be minimized and your company's existing investment can be used.

As for the performance issues, on the Celebi Handling production system, there are approximately 100 online active users at 25 different geographical locations. Besides, the automatically imported arrived SITA messages cause extra system load. Each change in the flight information system whether it be by user input or by automatically imported arrived SITA messages, is synchronously sent to the external Inform Real Time Scheduling system. Still, there are plenty of empty system resources (more than 80 percent free processor power and nearly 20-30 % RAM) on both the application server and the SQL server machines, thus no clustering and load balancing issues have yet arised.

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