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CELEBRIS is developed on top of the J2EE technologies which is the standard for developing component-based multi-tier enterprise applications using the Java Language. This makes Celebris a platform independent and easily extensible open system.

Celebris is built upon Modernus EJB based server and client framework. that had been developed by Modernus Team using Powerbuilder and knows how to communicate with the server framework.

Celebris needs a J2EE 1.4 compliant application server and a transaction aware database which has a JDBC 1.3 compliant driver to run. Currently supported third party server platforms are JBoss, MySQL (with transactional InnoDB engine) and Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g). At server side, any operating system which has sun-java certification is supported. We recommend a supported enterprise GNU/Linux distribution (like RedHat Enterprise Server) to host the application and database servers of Celebris.

Celebris clients are native Windows executables developed using Powerbuilder ejbClient. The windows executables communicate with the Celebris Java application server using the locally installed JRE. Since the business logic resides on the application server, the clients can be considered as "thin", with presentation logic embedded only. The clients are designed to run very fast even with low network bandwidth. Semi-static data are cached at the client and most of the communication uses compression to reduce the network packet sizes.

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