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Products / Celebris / Usage Scenario

Usage Scenario

Sales Department

  • Signs SLAs (Service Level Agreements ) with airlines.
  • Enters the SLA pricing definitions into Celebris, defines new services and packages if necessary.
  • Enters price formulas as indicated in the signed SLA.
  • Informs operations and accounting departments about the newly entered service and/or package definitions.

Quality Management Department

  • Defines quality assurance system details.
  • Defines the criteria and their weights and questions of the performance evaluation test. All dynamic!
  • Defines flight sampling rules of the airlines for performance measurement.
  • Manually makes new samples or cancels an automatically sampled flight.
  • Gets reports and sends them to airlines as necessary.

Resource Planning Department

  • Defines the resource types as manpower or equipment.
  • Defines the required resources the airport, airline, ac model, transit, load type, schedule type, and flight type info for arrival and departure flights before/after minutes and amount.
  • Defines resource groups for certain services/departments.
  • Plans the resources based on the previous definitions.
  • Manually assigns the resources to the flights.

Operations Department

  • Maintains master flight information like airport, airline, ac reg, ac model, etc.
  • Creates service charge forms for the flights.
  • Follows the flight information screen of Celebris.
  • Checks the imported sita messages, manually enters the info for unparsed or erroneous sita messages.
  • Enters service, quantity, service time info in the service charge form screen.
  • Enters the AHM804 questionnaire answers for the sampled flights.

Accounting Department

  • Defines accounting types and general ledger integration rules for the services and packages.
  • Defines company invoicing details like address, tax information etc.
  • Easily prepares the invoices as defined by the SLAs using the software.
  • Prints-out the invoices and sends them to the airlines or representative companies.
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