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Products / Celebris / Modules / Invoicing

Invoice Management System

CELEBRIS Invoice Management System includes a sophisticated automatic pricing system, a smart invoice preparation system and a very flexible invoice generation system, with strong integration properties open to any external general ledger interface implementations like SAP by means of flexible transfer code and VAT definition facilities.

The pricing system supports automatic batch calculation of prices, commissions and royalty fees using the information already present in the flight information, service and operations, and contract management systems.

The Invoice Preparation Tool uses the invoice related specifications in the contract definitions to prepare an automatic preview of the invoice.

It is customizable and flexible letting the user to freely play around and manipulate the invoice.

It also offers three different options which are to present the royalty fees apart from service prices, to present the royalty fees added to the service prices and to present the royalties according to how the service prices were defined.

The Invoice Generation Tool supports multi language invoice generation and generates detailed reports to be attached to the printed invoice.

It also functions as a standalone invoicing system and is able to generate invoices of multiple companies in one system, which is a very important facility for companies that have a holding like structure.

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