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Products / Celebris / Highlights

Highlights of Celebris

General Highlights

  • Based on IATA Airport Handling Manual standards.
  • Based on industry standard enterprise Java J2EE.
  • Runs on open source software: Linux, JBoss and MySQL (InnoDB engine). Very low total cost of ownership.
  • Sybase ASE and Oracle 9i, 10g are also tested and supported as the back-end database server.
  • Native windows executable at the client side for rich, fast and comfortable usage.
  • Location independent central system. Once installed, it can be used by any branch/airport of the ground handling company.
  • Does not need strong hardware to run. Two 5K usd servers are more than enough to support 100 online users.
  • Minimum network traffic! Even Low-bandwidth connections are enough for branches to access the centralized Celebris server.
  • Currently in English only. Can be translated to any language when requested.
  • Role based customizable authorization.
  • Robust, easy to extend, easy to maintain. Near zero administration.
  • More than 50 report templates produces several hundred different reports with the aid of the great filtering capabilities. Can be extended on demand.

Contract Management Highlights

  • AHS1000 service level agreements can be input.
  • Prices in the SLAs use formulas. Formulas can use any information that is available in the flight information module, and in general, Celebris system. So, very flexible pricing schema can be defined, which gives invaluable competitive advantage over other ground handling companies.
  • Complicated service/royalty mappings allow to handle the monetary relations with the airport authority company.
  • SLAs also define the invoicing rules like invoicing periods, currency, invoicing groups etc.
  • Contract search algorithms can be defined by user, which means even more flexibility when dealing with more than one SLA.

Quality Management

  • AHM804 performance sampling.
  • A built-in compliments & complaints module helps the quality department even more.

Resource Planning System

  • Very flexible "required resources" schema can be defined.
  • Detailed required resource reports can be produced to help manpower and equipment planning.
  • Rostering support can be provided using 3rd party Inform GroundStar Rostering.

Flight Information System

  • Can periodically import fleet data from Buchair JP.
  • Can export flight information data (asynchronous and online) to Inform GroundStar.
  • Self updating flight information system. Can import MVT (all subtypes), LDM, PSM, PTM and CPM messages. (Requires Sitatex).
  • Can send MVT arrival, MVT departure and LDM messages (other message types to be added soon) (Requires Sitatex).
  • Can send sita messages in different formats too like regular e-mails using a regular SMTP server.
  • Helps create bulk flight data for known flight schedules between two dates at once.
  • Has a utility to copy flight information between different weeks.
  • A web interface makes it possible to view Flight data from over the Internet.

Services System

  • Services and/or service groups and properties can be defined.
  • Service accounting/general ledger integrations can be defined.
  • Conditional obligatory services can be defined and later checked at the service charge form entry screen.
  • Surcharge periods can be defined using different calendars, airports, airlines, etc, in a very flexible way.

Accounting and Billing

  • Invoices can be prepared according to the service level agreement definitions, or according to the accountant's manual choices.
  • Invoices can be printed-out from within Celebris or/and can be transferred to a 3rd party general ledger software.
  • Online SAP integration using SAP java connector is readily available and can be customized depending on customer needs.
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