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Cutting Stock
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Cutting Stock
Cutting Stock Optimization Software

CUT STOCK OPTIMIZATION is a two dimensional cut-stock optimizer software, which decides how to distribute the to be cut pieces across the boards in order to minimize the material loss by means of getting the order, material, stock(boards or panels) and to be cut pieces information from the present ERP system or by user input, reporting the pattern results to the stock cutters in graphical bitmap format. The software works parametric, enabling the user to be able to use different optimization algorithms on different tasks, change constraints and settings for different materials and configuring the parameters like saw length and width, margin sizes and vertical and horizontal cutting constraints for different stock cutting machines.

news dot image Very fast and effective optimizations.
news dot image Guillotine and non-guillotine cutting.
news dot image 4 Different Optimization Algorithms.
news dot image Part Rotation.
news dot image Job based overproduction rate.
news dot image Min-Max piece definition.
news dot image Repeating pattern generation.
news dot image Flexible reporting.
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