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Products / Celebris / Modules / Operations and Service Management

Service & Operations Management System

CELEBRIS Service & Operations Management System is where the information about services given in multiple airports is collected.

It supports a service charge form model where the given services' quantity, begin and end times and the external price information, in case the service is sought from an external company, are input via a service charge form linked to a flight, landing, or an aircraft already on the ground.

The system is able to prepare work orders depending on obligatory services from contracts or predefined rules defined with any information like flight type, aircraft type, airline, representative, airport or even park position.

Service Groups, Service Billing Groups, Services and Service Packages can be defined per company.

Service Packages are multiple services packed together with quantity and total service time restrictions to facilitate single pricing for a set of services in contracts.

Services can be cross referenced with other companies' services for automatic calculation of extra prices for related service codes like automatic calculation of airport royalty fees.

Although the current implementation only supports manual input of service charge forms, it is also possible to implement the gathering of this data from wireless handhelds or PDA's on demand.

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