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Products / Celebris / Modules / Flight Information System

Flight Information System

CELEBRIS Flight Information System is a real time, user friendly, easy to use centralized system for tracking the Flight Operations in multiple airports.

It contains definitions for Airport and Park Position, Airline Group and Airline, Aircraft Model-Registration, Fleet, Representative and Delay Code information.

The flight information can be generated in bulk from flight plans with the Flight Generator Tool, by automatic bulk copy from a range of previously realized flights with the Flight Copy Tool or manually by user input.

The system supports the online update of flight data from SITA MVT, LDM, CPM, PTM and PSM messages which are to be supplied in XML format by a preparser.

The base aircraft registration data can be imported and kept up to date by periodic imports from the JP database with the external data transfer utility.

The IATA Standard Delay Codes are already defined in the system while the system also supports airline specific delay code definitions and the mapping of those to standard codes.

SITA MVT messages are generated on the fly for arrival and departure and are automatically sent to SITATEX on manual approval.

The landings can be created on arrival-departure or, only arrival and only departure basis.

The system has the ability to dynamically merge linked flights for planning, pricing, and reporting purposes even if they are entered as separate landings.

The system reports erroneous or missing information to the user on demand.

Sample screenshots from Flight Information System

landings screen single flight screen flight load screen
sita plan acreg
delay parkpos sita
news dot image Single centralized system.
news dot image Real time flight information via SITA massages.
news dot image Flight Plan.
news dot image Flight Copy.
news dot image IATA Standard Delay Codes, Airline Specific Delay Codes.
news dot image Automatic SITA message generation.
news dot image Up to date with JP database.
news dot image Powerful Reporting.
news dot image External Systems Support.
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