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About / Technologies
Enterprise, high-tech!

Modernus, with an innovative perspective, aims to make best use of the latest emerging software technologies.

For many years, Modernus team have successfully delivered projects using the most efficient tools and technologies of their time. You can find a brief list of these under this page.

Today, Modernus focuses on developing Multi tiered, open standards based, platform independent Enterprise Applications on top of inhouse developed Modernus Serverside Framework, Modernus Clientside Framework and Modernus Web Frameworks.

Recent Modernus frameworks and applications are built upon J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) open standard.

Modernus Team has advanced level experience on the following technologies:

Application Design
UML Modelling, Database Design, Object Oriented Design, Aspect Oriented Design

Design and Development Environments
PowerDesigner, IntelliJ Idea, Visual C++

Software Development Technology
Enterprise Java (EJB, JPA, JSP, Servlet), Spring Framework, Google Web Toolkit, XML, XSLT, Web Services

Programming Languages
Java, PowerBuilder, C, C++, Transact SQL, PL-SQL

Debugging and Profiling
Yourkit, JRockit

Project Management and Comprehension
Maven, Archiva, Ant

Continuous Integration

Scripting Languages
Javascript, VB Script, CSS, Unix Shell Scripting (bash)

Source Control

Operating Systems
GNU/Linux, Solaris

Proprietary Technologies
Sybase Open Client, Sybase DataWindow, Sybase Ultralite, PFC, MFC

Application Servers
JBoss, EAServer

Database Servers
MySQL (InnoDB), Oracle, Sybase ASE, MS SQL Server

Web Servers
Tomcat, Apache httpd

Caching Solutions

Qmail, vpopmail, dovecot, Squirrelmail

Network, DNS and Firewalling
Bind, dnsmasq, iptables, OpenVPN


Storage Technologies
LVM, Samba

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